Your Path To Going All In

Your Path To Going All In

So you’ve gained an interest in doing more in the kitchen for yourself or significant other.

What used to be a task NOT worthy of your efforts is now something you want to dabble in or improve on. To either, I say Right on!

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Plot your own course of action related to creating cuisines to satisfy all comers.

A quick suggestion.

Okay, all comers isn’t even MY goal. There are always critics, no matter how dialed in you are. For you our readers, I’ll encouragement, give advice when I can, to help you improve and simplify your cooking skills.

You can leave a lasting impression on those who eat your prepared meals. Hint. It feels good.

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Eat out Less

My initial interest came when we were at the end of our money and there was still 10 days left in the month and 2 weeks until either my wife or I got paid again. Apparently I was a little to free spendy on meals outside our home. It happens…

Don’t critique someone else’s efforts.

Unfortunately, I sometimes offer unsolicited advice to my lovely, when I meander toward the smell of combined ingredients in a hot pan, like a drug sniffing police dog (read “Related Sidebar” at the end of the article).

My advice isn’t always welcomed with a cheer. I’m better off saying thank you, just showing more gratitude. It took me a while to see the error of my ways.

Get Comfortable in the Kitchen

It has been said by many others, that the “comfort zone” is NOT where we go to expand our skill sets. Ask how something you like, is made. Lessons learned are lessons earned. Make some mistakes in the kitchen. Someone will be grateful, trust me on this. Go online pull up “Easy Recipes” or “20 Minute Recipes”.

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Cooking isn’t always fun, but it is necessary

That may sound counter intuitive to the nature of this blog. But it’s no surprise to know, that on every street and in every family, there are for far too many, that this responsibility is there’s alone, without a choice. You can stand next to them, to carry some of the burden.

Did You Make This?

The area between a “Wanna Be” and “Chef” is vast. I know some Wanna Be’s who leave a lasting impression with their food or dessert creations. It feels great to get a compliment on your entree, side dish or dessert.

Food is our chance to create by recipe or to create your own recipe. Using what’s available in your refrigerator, pantry or other form of storage is key at home, to making the household dollar go as further.

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Today, we take pride in providing a good meal for our family and friends. They kind of expect something special from us now. I takes time and a lot of effort. But you can do this!


Going All In

You can plot your own course of action, at your own pace. Improve on what you already know. Give praise to he or she on what they cooked for you and your family. Make your your earned dollars allocated for food go a little further.

Related aforementioned sidebar

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