Your Easy Guide for 3 Steak Sandwiches

Easiest Meal of the Week


The heart of the sandwich is the steak. Total prep time 10 mins. cook time 25 mins. No firing up the bbq grill or 3 hour marinade.


Tender Steak Hack


I was home writing a blog, Rachel walked into the living room with a bag of frozen boneless Sirloin steaks, almost 2 lbs. and asked if this is enough for 3 Steak Sandwiches.

I responded with a pssht… please. She took that as a yes.

My lovely defrosted the frozen beef in the micro, in 10 mins. Put a medium pot of water (6c or 7c) on to boil, while the defrost is going. Added a tbspn. of regular Table Salt to the water.

After the defrost, the Sirloin was put into boiling water, brought wto a med. boil. Set the timer for 25 mins.


I Get No Warning to Keep An Eye Out on the Stove


She goes into the bathroom, starts the shower.

Unbelievable. Why do women do that.

I take over after a few mins. Through the closed bathroom door, I let her know “I got the rest of dinner.”


Prep the Rolls


Turn the oven to 450 degrees. Slice up 2 large tomatoes. Peel off about 4 layers of lettuce, get the mayo out. Slice in half, long ways 3 Talera bread rolls out. Talera rolls are what Mexican restaurants use for Torta Sandwiches. Oval shaped white bread.


Sear The Steak


25 mins and the Sirloin is pull apart tender. But you and I know a boiled steak doesn’t have any appealing color, so I heat (to high) a pan, until it’s just beginning to smoke.

Add about 2 tbspns. of oil to the hot pan. I like to season the steak with a light drizzle of soy sauce, black pepper and a Hawaiian Lava seasoning.

Sizzle both sides for about 1 1/2 mins or until it browned. (Use your own preference here) Pull the steak off the pan, leave some of the drippings oil in the pan. Cover the steak.


Steak Drippings are Your Friend


Heat the bread in the oven for 2 or 3 mins, the toast the bread slices face down in the steak drippings still in the pan, to add additional flavor. Break the steaks into 3 pieces.

Prep the toasted bread with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. Add the tender Sirloin Steak . You got your self a delicious dinner for 3.




We pieced together 3 hearty Steak Sandwiches, with meat that was in the freezer waiting to be used. Talera Bread Rolls (found in Mexican markets) are ideal, but French Rolls work just as well. Rachel and I split 1, which left 2 large sandwiches for our 18yo son.


Let me know in the comment section of your own ideas for a special Steak Sandwich or to comment on mine.

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