2 Butt Kitchen Set-Up

2 Butt Kitchen Set-Up

2 Butt Kitchen

The area between your kitchen cabinets and counter tops is your personal Times Square. In other words: This is where the action is.

Beyond knives and your heat source, “space” is probably your most important tool.

The 2 Butt label refers to the narrowest of kitchens, that when 2 are working in the kitchen, facing away from each other, there is little space in between their rear ends. Hense “2 Butt Kitchen”.

In this article, I want to help bring a bit a planning, rethinking to this kitchen set-up.

The best use of limited kitchen space can change on any weekend morning, when you decide to “Go For It” and buy that infomercial gadget, the one that will take up the same amount of space as a medium sized microwave oven.

Tips for Best Use Your Storage and Counter Space 

Moving Day

Unload boxes for the kitchen first. Dedicate 1 person to a preliminary set up kitchen, so that snacks or more, can be served to your friends, family who are helping you.

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Prepare Your Kitchen

If you’re moving into a new home, there’s a good chance it has not been properly cleaned. Before you take anything out of your boxes, give your new kitchen a good cleaning.

Focus on places where you’ll be putting your dishes, cutlery, glasses, and pots. If possible, use contact paper to create a fresh, easy-to-wipe surface on shelves and inside drawers.

Be sure your countertops and sink are clean as well.

If you haven’t done so yet, spend a little time moving around the kitchen space. Imagine yourself doing your usual chores. Where would you normally reach for cleaning supplies, pantry basics, pots, pans, or knives?

By walking through a few ordinary kitchen projects, you’ll get a better idea of what items should go where.

Food small kitchen

What Best Suits You

Are dishes, glasses and other cooking tools arranged so that the items most frequented are at eye level and easy to reach? Since glasses are used more often than plates, they can be placed in a cupboard close to the sink at eye level for ease of use.

I like to keep Pots and Pans closer to the oven. Roasting Pans, Casserole Dishes are out of the way in my kitchen, because they aren’t used as much.

Organize Your Pantry

Store canned goods and dry food stock in a pantry closet or similar space that is separate from your dishes, pots, and pans. Spices can be kept close to the stove.

If You Don’t Have a Pantry

You will likely limit the amount of dry, canned goods you purchase because of you do not have an abundance of space.

I recently read a kitchen designer article, where an empty wall 40in. wide was used to place a wood hutch with wood, glass doors to store both canned, dry goods and spices from floor to above 6ft.

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Reorganize When Needed 

After you spend a few weeks in your home, you’ll probably establish a routine for cooking, serving, and eating meals. Once you feel comfortable with the routine, check to be sure that your first round of organization worked well. Are you really able to reach everything you need? Did you select a large-enough drawer for your kitchen gadgets, or are they overflowing? Reorganize as needed to be sure your kitchen works well for you and your family.


In the theme of working with a small or narrow kitchen, I must say. Don’t disheartened by limited space. Get creative with your unused space.

Having key kitchen tools, foods or spices easily accessible you is Not what makes you a good cook. Deciding beforehand where the more complex tasks of the meal prep will save you time and hassles.

You will find your groove and magic will happen! The kitchen is the place where you and your closest friend talk, the dining room is you talk to your realtor.

In the end, you can take pride in making good food for family, friends. Trust me, when I say, all they will remember the delicious food and good times had.

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